Nightmare Stories Of People Who Were Forced To Go Through Gay Conversion Therapy.

Nightmare Stories Of People Who Were Forced To Go Through Gay Conversion Therapy.


She had an office in the top of a church, I had to sit there and listen to her talk about how I'm a lesbian because I was molested, or because my father never loved me (actual words! She went to my mom and asked what the cause could have been, and those were the two conclusions.)

The worst part was talking about being sexually attracted to a girl in my class while Jesus stares down at me from a Last Supper painting. I got out when I broke up with my girlfriend and was considered "cured."


11. My cousin (now in his mid 40s) first came out to his parents as a young teen. They freaked out and sent him to conversion therapy camp. He kept quiet for a couple years and by the time he was ready to be more vocal his parents had done a lot of personal growth and became some of the most involved parents out there.

My uncle is always, always wearing his pink triangle "I love my gay son" pin. I remember different boyfriends being brought around their house when my cousin was in his early 20s. Then he met his husband and his parents helped fight for the legislation in their area to allow them to marry. They've had I think 4 weddings though I may be forgetting one at this point as it's been legalized and then repealed and then legalized again in their area.


10. My parents thought they were helping me (my dad is a pastor) so they got a recommendation to take me to a "psychologist" in North Carolina who was really just a preacher my dad got connected to. I went to two meetings before telling my mom if I went back there again it would kill me. Me and the fam get along a lot better now.


9. I was lucky. My youth pastor prayed over me and tried to "cast out the demons of perversion" and then kind of left it at that. I knew other kids who weren't so fortunate.


8. I had an ex that had to go through the camp. She wouldn't talk about it much or her family for that matter. All she ever said was that she "graduated the camp" was "straight" for six months till her mom found out she was lying. Her mom then threatened her with a knife. (continued...)

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