Nightmare Stories Of People Who Were Forced To Go Through Gay Conversion Therapy.

Nightmare Stories Of People Who Were Forced To Go Through Gay Conversion Therapy.


We carried on a secret affair for months. He would beg me not to tell anyone because he'd lose his female fiance and his job with the ministry. By August, I was near suicide and decided to leave on my own.

He followed me, convinced me to travel across the country with him so that he could fulfill some sexual fantasies - think, nude oil wrestling in a motel in Tucumcari, NM - and then dumped me outside Memphis, telling me that God could never bless us being together. It was all insane. It took me years and years to mostly get over it. Conversion therapy is evil.


3. My husband went through it when he was 17 (we are mid 40s). He wound up trying to kill himself. He refused to continue so his parents kicked him out, refused to provide him financial info for his college applications, so he wound up on a roller coaster of poverty and homelessness while trying to get through college, which he did.

Strangely enough as they approached old age he asked that we move back to his home state (Utah) so he could forgive and reconcile with them before they died. His mom died last year and we let her and the dad pretend they were A-OK parents. I don't get it, but my husband says forgiveness is a gift he gave himself.


2. Well, at a very young age my Dad got a 'counsellor' to talk to me about being a man, because I played with a baby doll as a child. It didn't last long, but it screwed me up pretty bad.

Took me 11 years to come out of the closet, and my dad didn't know for 5 more.


1. I have a friend whose parents sent him to a doctor back in India to "convert" him. To prove it was successful, he had to sleep with a woman. He popped a viagra and did the deed.

This was all so that he wouldn't be cut out of his inheritance. It was "voluntary," but the poor dude was in his mid-20s and had been completely coddled by his parents, so he didn't really know how to exist on his own. He was the only child, and he stands to inherit millions, so he puts up with it while sneaking out to gay bathhouses when he can.



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