'OMG Are You A HOBBIT?!' People Share Their Most Awkward Halloween Stories.

'OMG Are You A HOBBIT?!' People Share Their Most Awkward Halloween Stories.


Then, I go to school and I blow a math test. Then I get on the bus to go home, and some mean boy comes up to me, makes fun of my costume, and sits on me, breaking my wand in half.

I get home and my mom mends the wand and things start to look up. Right?


I go trick-or-treating with my 3 friends (who were also all fairies) and see a group of boys from my school. One of them steals my wand, resulting in a good 3-minute long chase through various backyards. This ends with me knocking him to the ground and him snapping my wand in half. I was FURIOUS.

We get back to my friend's house afterwards and we're all in her basement. One of my other friends decides it would be hilarious if she threw an unopened bottle of water at a yoga ball. She does, it bounces off, hitting me DIRECTLY in the face. At that instant, blood just pours out of my dried up, snotty nose and doesn't stop. For. An. Hour.

Her parents start freaking out as I have my head over the trash can crying because I just had the worst day of my life. My dad picked me up once the bleeding slowed. The next morning, Nov. 1, I wake up with a 104 fever, coughing up blood. BEST HALLOWEEN EVER.


8/25. Back in middle school one year I went as Neo and my friend went as Blade. Everyone thought we were the trench coat mafia. Terribly awkward.


9/25. While trick-or-treating I was given a sunflower seed. Not a bag. ONE sunflower seed.


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