'OMG Are You A HOBBIT?!' People Share Their Most Awkward Halloween Stories.

'OMG Are You A HOBBIT?!' People Share Their Most Awkward Halloween Stories.


10/25. Back in high school I dressed up like a wizard one year. But I made my own costume instead of buying a pre-made one. I bought this weird trench coat, and a super gross stringy fake beard.

First house we go trick-or-treating to, I tell my friends to wait before ringing the doorbell, so I can hide behind the door and pop out when they open it. I get in position and they ring the bell. The kid opens the door with his mom, kicks me in the head, and yells "OSAMA BIN LADEN!"

Cue headache and a slew of "Are you Osama?" questions all night. I guess being brown + wearing a beard = terrorist.


11/25. The year was 1997, even though I lived near the Twin Cities in Minnesota, most kids my age were Packers fans. For Halloween we got to dress up in costume to go to school. I went as a Vikings player.

Along with wearing costumes, each class got to parade through the other classes to show off their costumes.

When we got to one of the fourth grade classes, the teacher, who was a giant Packers fan, booed me and convinced her entire class to boo me as well. I eventually was overwhelmed, cried and ran away.


12/25. A buddy of mine, when we were maybe 5 or 6, really wanted to be a horse for Halloween. His mother and grandmother worked very hard on the costume.

So the big day came and there was a costume contest at his school. He thought he had a good shot of winning. He was very proud of the costume. And he did win, actually.

But everyone thought my buddy in the horse costume was Alf, so he cried the whole time while collecting his prize.



13/25. Me and a group of my friends were in a dorm elevator on the way to a college Halloween party. Another girl on the elevator looks over at us and says: "Oh are you guys going to the white trash party???"

We weren't.


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