'OMG Are You A HOBBIT?!' People Share Their Most Awkward Halloween Stories.

'OMG Are You A HOBBIT?!' People Share Their Most Awkward Halloween Stories.


20/25. I dressed as a steampunk airship pilot. Went out in St. Louis. Everyone thought I had a phenomenal Charles Lindbergh costume. An old man sang a song to me about it.


21/25. I swear I got a condom while I was trick-or-treating. I was seven.


22/25. Last night, I was at a Halloween party at a dude's apartment. He had black lights on the walls, and had turned all the normal lights off and the black lights on.

This one woman walked in, and the area around her mouth was glowing. One of her friends at the party quietly told her and she looked pretty horrified.


23/25. I cross-dressed once a few years back for Halloween, had girls help me out and did not tell a soul I was doing it.

People didn't think I was in costume. Got hit on, and people thought I was a lesbian when my then-gf made out with me.



24/25. Every year, my girlfriend and I walk all over downtown taking pictures with random people in costumes. One time, I took a picture with a homeless guy thinking that he was a post-apocalyptic survivor. I ended up giving him $10 because I felt bad.


25/25. I'm gonna be that guy and admit to giving garbage treats. There's this one neighbor kid, this one little kid who hates animals for no reason, kicks cat and stuff. That jerk is getting a candy onion. His friends are all gonna bite into tasty, warm apples, and he's getting layers of onion. Like the little ogre he is!





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