Parents And Siblings Share Their Honest Reactions When A Family Member Came Out As Gay.

Parents And Siblings Share Their Honest Reactions When A Family Member Came Out As Gay.


Parents with a homosexual child/children on Reddit were asked: "What was your initial reaction upon their coming out?" These are some of the best answers.

1/30 When my brother came out as gay, my mom accepted it. When my sister came out as bisexual, my mother yelled at her. I don't get it.


2/30 I am sad to say I reacted rather badly when my daughter came out as a lesbian -- I tried to high-five her. I realized this may not have been the best way to deal with her identity crisis only when she said "What the [hell]" and my wife face-palmed.


3/30 My youngest brother (he's in his early twenties) came out in the summer and expected our conservative parents to freak out, dad was on the couch, eating some food and my brother came out right then and there.

Dad let out a slow growl, then roared out and dropped all the food on the floor and ran out of the house with his fists in the air. He ran out of the house and towards the front of the property and back, hugged my brother, told him he didn't care and that he loved him but gay or not it didn't mean he was exempt from mowing the grass.


4/30 My brother is gay, and he came out when I was 7 (he's ten years older). Initially it made my dad feel like he was a failure, like he didn't raise a "proper" son. He was never mad at my brother though, mostly just confused. My mom's brother is gay, so she understood and said she had always known. She helped my dad come to terms with everything and my brother has a great relationship with my parents and his "friends" are always welcome at family gatherings. My brother asked me the other day if I remembered when he came out and what I'd thought at the time. I told him I had never thought about it much. He never changed and it's just a part of who he is, not the entirety of his identity to me.


5/30 I grew up in a very open-minded, liberal household. My parents had friends that were gay. Growing up I had friends in high school that were gay. I didn't really care what they chose to do with other people in the bedroom, or who they chose to do it with. Most people I've met whose sexuality is different from mine are perfectly "normal" people. There are [jerks], there are wonderful people, there are people that I am "meh" about. Same as any heterosexual person.

I always considered myself an open-minded person. I believe in the right to marriage for LGBTQ people. I believe that homophobia is huge roadblock in our cultural evolution, but just like segregation, I believe it can be overcome.

When my wife gave birth to our first child, my only son, I was so proud. I tried to raise him as best I could, trying to show him to keep an open mind about everything and to be kind to every person he meets.

He'll be graduating from high school in June. Not at the top of his class, or even a fantastic student in general, but I'm proud of him. He plans on attending a local community college until he earns his AA, and then he'll attempt to transfer to one of the State universities. He wants to be a marine biologist. Whatever he does with his life, I know I'll be proud of him.

Last year he came out to the family. He had known for about a year, and he had told a few of his friends. His best friend, a neighborhood girl he's known since elementary school, knows my wife and I very well. She is the one who convinced him to tell us, knowing that my wife and I will love and accept him no matter what. Which is absolutely, 100% true.

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