Parents Who Use Nanny Cams Share The Most Bizarre Thing They've Ever Seen.

Parents Who Use Nanny Cams Share The Most Bizarre Thing They've Ever Seen.


I realised it was my husband crapping and farting like a duck, startling the entire house.

Had to explain to my husband the whole story of the haunted duck and he now poops at work before coming home.


5. I have a dashcam in my truck that has a parking monitor and motion sensor built in so it records stuff when your park and not around, it is good for when people hit your car and drive away in parking lots.

Anyways I always park my truck facing my apartment so the dashcam acts like a security cam for my place during the night. Never really put much effort into seeing what it caught but one time I was pulling up the videos and had one night when someone was standing outside the window to my living room for a few hours watching me and my girlfriend, didn't see the video until a month after it happened. Now I keep my blinds closed and make sure there is no way people can see in anymore. Never showed it to my girlfriend but if I did she probably would understand why I have it.


6. Not a parent, but once caught the babysitter taking the baby's blanket, putting it around her neck like a small cape, and 'flying' around the room with it on. Keep in mind, the baby could only see out of the crib and was not present for the show.

Needless to say, we found out she was often high during babysitting.


7. I was the nanny. I had to wake the baby to go get her sister from morning care so I reached into her crib and rubbed her back gently. Her mom happened to be checking the baby monitor via her phone at the time (she liked to check in during her naptime and the camera is above the crib) .

So all her mom saw was her baby taking a nap and then a hand suddenly reaching down toward her. Said she about peed herself before she realized what was happening!


8. I look at the baby monitor and see a ghost.

I do a double take; yep, it's really real and on the monitor hovering and swirling around my infant son. My brain jumps, what do I do? Should I go grab my son? This can't be real. Maybe the ghost is harmless. Should I get my camera? No one will believe it. I don't believe it. Is the ghost going to hurt the baby? I can't believe this is happening. Will the ghost hurt the baby if I interrupt? Think logically. It's not a ghost. It's not a glitch. It's definitely in the room hovering over the baby. Think. Breath. Oh, it's...(Continued)

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