Parents Who Use Nanny Cams Share The Most Bizarre Thing They've Ever Seen.

Parents Who Use Nanny Cams Share The Most Bizarre Thing They've Ever Seen.


21. My son was awake in his crib babbling to himself and having a good time. My wife and I were watching him through the baby monitor kind of laughing at him being silly.

He could pull himself up and while holding the crib rail slowly walk around the inside edges of the crib. As we're watching him, he comes around and looks directly into the camera so looking directly at us in the baby monitor.

As we're watching him, he reaches out to try and grab the camera. We see him leaning over the crib rail stretching his hand out for the camera which is just out of reach. Suddenly he flips right over the crib rail while we're watching live and lands with a thump on the carpet. Cue his crying and our running to check on him. He was scared but otherwise fine.

Still my wife and I were both so surprised and the odds of us having both been watching the live feed exactly at that moment were pretty low. In my mind's eye I can still see that sudden look of surprise on his face as he flipped. He never tried to climb out of his crib on his own like his sister did and I wonder if that was the reason why.


22. Not a nanny cam but one of the audio ones so you can hear if they're crying or whatever else might be going on. I was up very early one morning at around 5 AM, getting a little work done in my house office. Had the thing with me so I could hear my baby daughter, about 2 months old at this point. Suddenly I hear a woman talking very, very softly. My whole body went cold and I stopped everything to make sure it wasn't just my imagination. Yes, I still hear it. At the same instant that I prepare to dash into her room, I hear a little more and realize I'm hearing a autoplay video/audio ad on a tab in my web browser coming from my computer speaker, which was turned down really low. I thought my heart would never slow back down.



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