People Reveal That One Unbearably Cringey Thing They Did In The Past That Still Haunts Them.

People Reveal That One Unbearably Cringey Thing They Did In The Past That Still Haunts Them.


This article is based on the AskReddit question "Hey reddit, what's that one super cringey or awkward thing you said/did in the past that you keep having flashbacks to?"

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1/28. A friend of mine was going through a rough divorce. When she got married her husband pretty much made her cut ties with everyone, so it had been about ten years since we really talked. She vaguebooked on Facebook about being really down, so I thought it would be funny to link her a song called "Hole Solution" in which the singer graphically describes how the subject of the song needs a hole in his head. "You need a hole in your head, I want to see it come oozing out" is the chorus.

Sooooo... it turns out that the reason she was so down was not because of the divorce, but rather because it was the anniversary of her brother in law's murder.

Yeah, he was shot in the head.

I picked literally the WORST song I know.


2/28. I had a massive crush on this girl in school. I was a bit socially inept back then, so I didn't really know how to ask her out.

I thought the best way to do it was to make it seem like I "accidentally asked her out" or something like that. So I sent a message to her saying "Hey man, want to come see this movie with me tonight?" I pretended as if I meant the text to be for my friend. I waited 15 minutes and texted to her "Oops! Sorry haha. That was meant for my friend."

I waited another 15 or so minutes (for realism) then texted again to her "Well my friend can't come now anyway. Want to come with me instead?"

She never replied. I thought I was being so smooth. I have flashbacks to this whenever I'm making plans with someone.


3/28. I had a principal say "If you die, let me know" as reassurance it was going to be alright when he was applying ointment and a bandage to an injury I had.

9 year old me decided that it would be a good thing to say to my grandma before her surgery.

She made it through without any complications, but I'll never forget the burning look of dissaproval my mom shot at me in that moment.


4/28. When I was in high school I found out my boyfriend at the time had not considered us monogamous and banged a few people (was it cheating? Was it idiotic teenagers with no communication skills? We will never know)

I was livid and somehow thought my best revenge was to drunkenly demand he pay me for the sex we had while he was banging other people. On Facebook. On his wall. Publicly.

I also followed it up with a link to Henry Rollins "Liar" with a "thinking of you" comment attached to it.

I have more where that came from but for now I'll stop there. The poor kid.


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