People Reveal The Most Unprofessional Thing They Ever Experienced In The Workplace.

People Reveal The Most Unprofessional Thing They Ever Experienced In The Workplace.


People on Reddit were asked: "What's the most unprofessional or petty thing you have experienced or witnessed at work?" These are some of the best answers.

2/25 When I was 16 my boss called me to tell me that my super hot, much older co-worker said that I'd be the perfect guy for her if I was 6 years older. Then he spent the next 10 minutes telling me how I'm gonna get all the bitches in college. "Alright so I'll see you on Saturday". "Uhm...okay...thanks Aris..."


3/25 I'm in law enforcement. One of my co-workers is super-religious Christian, to the point where his advice to the rest of us always revolves around "you should go to church more" and "the Bible contains all of your answers".

Those of us that work with him tune him out. The real problem is that he talks this way to our subjects and victims, as well. He'll tell someone who's clearly an atheist that he will "pray for them" or that "God forgives you". Several times, he's given an impromptu lecture on getting right with Jesus to someone we've arrested.

We've counselled him over and over again to knock this off. First, it's not our place to proselytize. Second, there's a serious issue with church/state separation when a government employee, on duty, is lecturing someone about God or religion. Third, when you give that lecture to someone, you run the risk of pushing them into saying something, by making them believe that they are committing a religious sin as well as a crime.

In short, it's going to backfire on him at some point, which is why I make a point of staying far away from him when we're out of the office.


4/25 I showed a coworker a video of my new kitten. Next thing I know I'm in an office being scolded and told I should have known better as well as having my professionalism questioned. Apparently someone walking by recently had their cat pass away and felt the need to complain. Now if I want to show a video at work, I have to have it approved by management first.


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