People Reveal The One Moment From Their Childhood That Made Them Realize The World Isn't Such A Safe Place.

People Reveal The One Moment From Their Childhood That Made Them Realize The World Isn't Such A Safe Place.


19/26 10 years old/late 70's -- Walking home past the high school and watched a fight unfold between two big kids. One almost killing the other from blows to the head. No one there to break it up. Brutal.


20/26 My older brother, dad and I were having a late afternoon walk. I was 5 years old. My dad always used to have one of those sheathed blade type walking sticks. We also never used to walk without our German shepherd Rex. I never understood the need for all that until that day. While walking, Rex [got] all alert. I mean the whole stand still, ears pointed, face of battle I'm gonna [mess] someone up type deal. We notice two shady looking guys walking towards us on opposite sides. My dad stops. I had no clue what was going on. One tried dashing towards us. Dad slightly unsheathes his blade. Rexy was barking at the other guy. Next thing I know they ran away. Asked my bro while we were going to bed if they were thieves and he told me they were kidnappers. There were a few cases of kidnapping in the past year. I was super freaked.


21/26 When I was four, I asked to go outside for too long. My mom dragged me out of the house, told me to never come back, and locked the door behind me. We lived out of town which meant long windy roads and forest everywhere. My mom always told us about cars hitting kids, wolves and cougars killing kids and small animals, people kidnapping. and I had no clue how to take care of myself. We actually lived in a pretty safe area where most of the crime was pot. But that day I knew my mom didn't care about me and would hurt me if she felt like it.

My dad found me outside after work crying, but I never felt safe at home again with her.


22/26 When I was around 6 or seven years old, a heroin addict overdosed in the alley behind my building. Some hours later his mother found him and cried hysterically while cradling him in her arms. I remember getting a sick feeling in my stomach, not being able to fully comprehend what I was seeing, yet still feeling uneasy and exposed to a horrible truth. I believe this ensured I would never ever touch heroin, this image is burned into my brain.


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