People Reveal What Happened After Meeting An Old Crush Much Later In Life.

People Reveal What Happened After Meeting An Old Crush Much Later In Life.


People on Reddit who have met a former crush years later were asked: "How did it turn out?" These are some of the best answers.

We both were just recently single and started to click. Eventually we both confessed to a mutual crush in high school. Then as the night went on and beer flowed... she jerked off two random guys in the living room.


2/27 Found out she was [less attractive and underwhelming]. Then I realized I was too.


3/27 Good. We had tacos, then did oral stuff in my car behind Tacobell and haven't spoken since.


4/27 Had a crush on her all through freshman and sophomore year. She kissed me at the end of sophomore year. I... failed to reciprocate... basically ran away from her. Extreme social anxiety.

I switched schools after disappearing for the summer(not because of the kiss), but when school started again I walked to her school everyday for half of the year in hopes of having the balls to make a move. Saw her each day. Failed each day. She obviously got tired of waiting, ended up with another guy, I gave up.

Come end of senior year she shows up at my school to see some guy. Saw me, literally jumped into my arms and forced her phone number on me.

Together 7 years come November. I proposed to her around a week ago.


5/27 Good... went to an underground rave and then my wife and I tag teamed her. She comes to our holiday gatherings now.


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