People Share Stories of Discovering Passageways And Rooms That They Had No Idea Were There.

People Share Stories of Discovering Passageways And Rooms That They Had No Idea Were There.


People on Reddit were asked: "Was there ever a 'secret passageway' or 'secret room' at your home, school or workplace? Did you ever find it? If so, what was there?" These are some of the best answers.

Sadly it was a school lease, I took the place but had to sublet it to a friend for the summer cause I was going home. So I literally "took possession" and then handed the keys over to him.

So I finally move in months later and I ask him about the door, and he says, "oh me and the girlfriend call it the bathroom door, the guy was right you don't want to open it." So WTF, of course I open it. Almost immediately after he's gone. Turns out they called it the "Bat Room" not the "Bathroom" door.

Door couldn't be open for more than 10 seconds when bats come flying out of the door. Only 3 or 4 but even one bat is [nuts]. Turns out he had opened it and had way more than that when he did, and had to get professionals to remove them and clean up the damage and didn't want to tell me (or me tell the landlord). So at least he had the number of the guys who did the removal handy. They asked me "if we will ever learn."


2. My high school had a vast network of tunnels starting under the stage. Found a sex couch, 2 bongs, 40 years worth of set pieces and the original plans for a highway [that] cuts through my town.


3. I was a maintenance guy/custodian for a highschool, and my shift started about an hour before school let out and ended around 11:30 at night. I couldn't clean anything while students were in my areas, so I would go to the storage closet, and climb up the ladder to ventilation room. It was the area you needed to go to replace air filters. The room itself used to be for team meetings for basketball games before renovations, so it was huge. Also near the IT room, so it had wifi.

Best part was that someone had pulled up a chair from the auditorium and put it in a space around the corner, so I would go up there for an hour if I had nothing to do, chill in a comfy chair and browse reddit. Got even better when I found a good tennis ball, would play wall ball in this giant cement room.


4. My grandparents had a built in bookshelf that could be pulled out of the wall to reveal a small space (about enough to fit 3 skinny people in). I never knew about it until a game of adult hide and seek and my uncle hid there, and my grandfather scolded him for revealing it.


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