People Share Stories Of The Worst Things They Ever Ate.

People Share Stories Of The Worst Things They Ever Ate.


You have to try new things - otherwise you'll end up as someone who only eats chicken fingers with ketchup. But there's courage and then there's stupidity...

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1. On a particularly hectic Tuesday at work, I skipped lunch to perform all the tasks at hand. At 3 PM, my stomach, which was only one cup of coffee full, decided to give me what seemed like the last warning.

I reach out for my wrist watch and realize that the cafe is closed. I am instantly in scavenging mode and while rummaging through my desk drawers, I found the glorious bag of cashews that I had stored for days like this!

First chew felt a little soft and stale, and my hungry and scientific mind attributed that to it being placed in a drawer that may have caused it to get soggy.

Nevertheless, I pick up the bag to check it. I noted several white granules, akin to ground cashew, and again my hungry mind attributed that to the bag being kept under heavy files and the cashews getting crushed.

I didn't stop going on the bag of cashews until the last 5–6 were left in the bag, when I just couldn't bear the staleness, so I reach out for the bag and inspect it one last time (my gut, although hungry, never seemed to trust that bag!). I saw, again, hundreds of white granules. So I threw it in the garbage.

Fast forward to when I get back home. I reach out for a pack of spice powder in my pantry to begin cooking and guess what? I notice the same white granules I saw earlier in the cashew bag. And then, to my horror, I saw a moth in the spice powder jar. A MOTH.

I did some research. Turns out I ate cashews covered in moth eggs.

Priyanka Kapoor

2. I was on a four hour highway bus ride in Southeast Asia, and the bus pulled into a highway rest stop for dinner.

I speak very little Thai, and can't read at all, so I just pointed at what looked like tempura prawns in the glass fronted display case. When the dish was served, the "prawn" turned out to have a long tail with a stinger on it. (continued...)

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