People Share The Most Embarrassing Thing They've Witnessed Someone Else Do.

People Share The Most Embarrassing Thing They've Witnessed Someone Else Do.


5. My best friend from high school farted during quiet reading time in English class. It must have been loud because the popular girls surrounding her looked up in disgust. In a panic, my friend grabbed her seat and with forced bewilderment said, "Oh my! My chair is so squeaky!" She then proceeds to rock and shift positions frantically but the chair doesn’t make a sound. Clearly defeated, my friend spent the rest of class burning in self loathing.


6. With my old aunt on the bus once. She's a bit deaf, so she tends to speak louder than necessary. She leans over to me, and in a hushed, but VERY audible voice that everyone heard, says to me "OMG, look at that woman's gross baby... no look, it's so gross, oh my god... -nudges at me hard-... look at it!" ... yeah, the woman with the baby was sitting right next to us across the aisle within ear shot. Cringe.


7. My brother was in an HR course and they were doing presentations on different issues in the workplace. One group ended their presentation by showing a clip they found online on sexual harassment in the workplace. For some reason they never bothered to watch the full video because halfway through it, it turned into a porno and the entire class was cringing/trying not to burst out laughing.


8. Freshman year of college, 5 weeks in I had a group project. My group decided to write a script and read it to the class. All 4 of us are up there reading and semi acting out this 10 page script and everyone in class starts kind of giggling. In between lines I make eye contact with this girl I was kinda seeing and she kept laughing towards me. I thought maybe a booger was hanging from my nose, zipper was undone but nope. Ended up that the kid next to me had a boner and did the little tuck in waistband trick. The head of his penis was sticking out and he was wearing a small shirt so anytime he lifted his arms or moved around everyone saw the tip of his penis..... Everyone joked about it when he wouldn't show up to class.


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