People Share The Most Embarrassing Thing They've Witnessed Someone Else Do.

People Share The Most Embarrassing Thing They've Witnessed Someone Else Do.


9. We were sitting in a marketing meeting. The guy leading the meeting says "okay, let's think about this: what is something we all should have more of, but don't" or something like that.

My awkward coworker says "..... Sex?..."

No one laughed. It was a pregnant pause.

Meeting went on as if nothing happened.


10. I walked into a bathroom once while some lady in another stall was in the middle of a major poop explosion. As if that wasn't bad enough, she started praising Jesus...."Thank you Jesus!!!" *Splat splat. "thank you, thank you!”


11. I was in the 8th grade, walking and talking with a girl who had a crush on me. She was really going all out trying to impress me, swishing her hips, cracking awful jokes, trying to be smart, when we walked by a building entrance with a raised slab in front of the door. She failed to notice it and, with her hands in her pockets, tripped up and pulled off an amazing face plant.

God, she was so embarrassed her whole face was red. To my credit I didn't laugh, and helped her up, but inside I was crying with laughter.


12. When I was in elementary school in second grade we had a really cruel and strict teacher. She refused to let the red-haired girl go to the bathroom during morning prayer (private school). She peed her pants in front of the entire class first thing in the morning.

I don't recall any classmates ever giving her crap about it, but I'm pretty sure no one ever forgot it.


13. When I was kindergarten, my class started singing the Alphabet Letters. A boy sitting next to me was pooping himself while singing. He became my best friend. We are now 20 years old and I still remember that day.


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