People Share The Most Embarrassing Thing They've Witnessed Someone Else Do.

People Share The Most Embarrassing Thing They've Witnessed Someone Else Do.


19. We all went out on the town with our boss after a convention. Walking back to the parking lot, a car picks up a pay ticket at the entrance and pulls in. We follow the car in on foot. My boss walks past the ticket machine just as the barricade arm swings down, smashing his face and destroying his glasses. We all get in the car, and as he drives you can hear everyone trying their damnedest to not laugh. He whips around and screams in a pathetic tone "Stop laughing at me!" Then 10min later, he mis-pays a toll booth, and another gate arm comes down. It wrecks the left fender, mirror, and pillar of his truck, as well as snaps off the arm. One of my co-workers grabbed the arm as a souvenir.


20. Long time ago my friend (around his early 20s at the time) was dating his sister’s best friend. She ended up breaking up with him. A few of my friends brought him over to my parents place to cheer him up. My friend, who isn't very emotional at all, got wasted. Proceeded to cry and bawl and chug hard liquor. He then threw up in every room of my house while my family watched and thought he was dying. To this day they still bring it up to me asking if he is ok (it was 10+ years ago).


21. My best friend growing up asked this girl he liked for years to homecoming in 9th or 10th grade. She asked him if he knew any sweet dance moves and he said "Ya I know how to break dance" to which she replied "show me!" and she began moving furniture for him. He didn't know how to break dance, but tried. Her and her friend laughed. Then we left. It was bad.


22. Drinking with a buddy and we decide to shoot some hoops at a basketball court that was almost always empty at night. Two other guys were there playing 1 on 1, figured whatever we'll just play HORSE on the other rim. My friend starts blurting out court rules for what I'm discovering will be a serious 2 on 2 game that is about to take place. While he's us how many 3's he's going to drain he tries to crossover dribble while walking forward, steps on the ball right as it hits the ground and absolutely eats dirt. I honestly don't know how he didn't knock himself out, because the meaty slap the left half of his face made on the court was sickening. He tried to act like it didn't happen and we proceed to lose several awkward games. He did not keep his promise on all those 3s.


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