People Share The Most Embarrassing Thing They've Witnessed Someone Else Do.

People Share The Most Embarrassing Thing They've Witnessed Someone Else Do.


23. One of my best friends was a large fellow. Easily in the 400s. One time we had tickets to the minor league baseball game. It was National anthem time. As he was about to stand up the chair completely broke into what seemed like 1000 pieces. As It turned out we sat in the wrong row. It was funny to see the person when they arrived at their seat to find it destroyed. Embarrassing. Yes but also a good laugh.


24. A boy from junior choir grasped the shank of his handbell in church choir and asked the girl playing next to him if she'd "like to see his dong."

The minister was there, and a few adults, too. We all just looked at each other - not sure what to say.


25. Female coworker was working from home (we're all remote employees), joined a conference call, and didn't realize she was also broadcasting her webcam. We all saw her in only a towel. The call got very quiet until someone privately IMed her and she shut it off.


26. In middle school I had a friend who was a walking disaster. I could write a novel with all the embarrassing things that have happened to her. For the sake of anonymity I'll only tell one.

She wore a knee length skirt to school one day. One of those that has a little slit on each side. The slits weren't very long. Maybe a little over an inch on either side. Well throughout the day this girl somehow managed to slowly rip both sides all the way up the entire length of the skirt. She was essentially just wearing a flap of fabric over her front and back by the end of the day. It just so happened to be very windy while we waited for the bus outside. I'll never forget her face as she stood there clutching both flaps of fabric to her body as best she could.

Luckily she was one who was able to laugh at her own misfortunes. We both got a good laugh at that one.


27. A kid in my school was put in a group project for a productions class. He was very weird, odd, awkward. Anyhow, long story short, he took a camera home to 'review' footage. The next day it was time to review the project in front of the class. Evidently, he had filmed himself masturbating, but hadn't quite erased all the film by taping over it. Apparently, the class caught just a couple frames of him jerking off right at the end of the film. The class was in hour 7, so he immediately ran out of class and onto the bus. Before the bus could leave, he was approached by a group of administrative staff. He ended up having a panic attack on the bus, kicking, screaming, flailing.

Anyhow he works at a gas station now. Good luck to you Andrew.



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