People Share The Most Hurtful Thing A Stranger Has Ever Said To Them.

People Share The Most Hurtful Thing A Stranger Has Ever Said To Them.


Let's face it, we've all had bad interactions with complete strangers. You never know what's going on in another person's life. Maybe you catch them on a bad day or a weak moment. But then there are the things that are unforgivable.

Here are some people sharing the most hurtful thing a stranger has ever said to them.

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1/24. I was the only female on the varsity wrestling team. Small Private school in New England... Lots of all-boys schools wrestled us. Opposing coaches, and parents of opposing teams would yell really horrendous things and our coach never stood up for me. The most horrible thing anyone ever yelled during a meet was some guy I was wrestling's father.

He was attempting a cross-face because I had him almost flipped over... his father screamed "GO TITLE NINE! BREAK HER NOSE IF SHE Doesn't ROLL OVER!" (Over-Simplified Context: title nine is the federal statute in America that states if there is no female equivalent in sports, and you make the team, the school, private or public, legally has to let you play. Ice hockey, wrestling, and football are three examples).

Anyway, my mom happened to be at that meet. It was her first and last time attending. She found violence horrible, but upon hearing this comment go unchecked by the refs, she stood up and screamed "LUHHHHHHDK! DONT YOU LET THIS HORRIBLE. LITTLE. WORTHLESS. IDIOT. OFF. THE. FLOOR. LET THE LITTLE COWARD PRICK BREAK YOUR NOSE BEFORE YOU LET HIM SAVE HIS PRIDE. THIS IS NO LONGER ABOUT YOU. HURT HIM FOR ALL WOMEN. HURT HIM FOR ME."

He then did break my nose quite badly. I felt the click of my septum, and the warm goo trickling into my grinning mouth. The captain of that boy's boarding school's wrestling team tapped out that day; his singlet spattered with my blood. My mom never went to another meet. Got a slow clap from my team.


2/24. Sophomore year of high school- I was walking past a group of guys hanging around their lockers when one of them made a disgusted noise and whispered loud enough: "Ughh, she's so ugly." They all laughed.

During the end of my senior year, I worked out. Dressed nicer. Fast forward to my first year in college, and one of those guys tried hitting on me.


3/24. Wasn't what the stranger said but what she did. For context I am a young seventeen year old Black boy nine at the time and in grade 4. I was enrolled in an after school day care program in a building next to the school I attended.


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