People Share The Most Hurtful Thing A Stranger Has Ever Said To Them.

People Share The Most Hurtful Thing A Stranger Has Ever Said To Them.


That day I had forgotten my flute at school and a staff member in the program accompanied me to pick it up (also Black). As we were on our way back to the building we turn a corner, making eye contact with a woman and her child who stares at us for a few seconds and urges her child into the car as we pass, gets into it as well and locks the doors. About 15 seconds later we both turn around and she's casually going about her business once more. We both just looked at each other with hurt looks. Keep in mind the staff member has a bright blue shirt with the word "Staff" on both the front and back side.

I think this has stuck with me because it was the first seemingly prejudice act I've witnessed first-hand. I may just be young and paranoid though.


4/24. On my 17th birthday I got a jumper dress and a furry kind of communist Russia style hat, which I wore to school (my birthday is in January so it was super cold, hence the hat).

Some girls who I had never met/seen before just laughed at me and started making loud comments about how stupid I looked and 'Why is she dressed like that?!'. They even followed me around for a little bit. I didn't think I looked that bad but I took the hat off and I never wore it again.


5/24. In eighth grade, a girl who sometimes hung out with my friends and I looked at me and said "You're so ugly, you'll never get a girlfriend". I had already been depressed and not receiving treatment, so it hurt quite a bit.

Once I was over that dark stage, the summer before 9th grade, I started buying nice clothes and got a nice haircut. I transformed the way I acted and presented myself, gained just a bit of muscle, grew several inches, and worked on my posture. Come freshmen and sophomore year, she tells her friends that she likes me and asks me out. I politely decline and went on to date her nicer, funnier, and better looking best friend.

Funny how things work out.


6/24. Was once walking along the high street. Got tapped on the back by someone saying "excuse me". Turned around, it was a girl with some friends who said "excuse me. sorry, but your really ugly". I told her "well it beats being a dick". The look on her face of 'oh my God I cant believe he just said that'.


7/24. I was sick for a long time, off work, spent most of the time channel surfing on the sofa. After some months I started feeling a bit better and I would get dressed up and go to a casino to play $2 roulette and drink diet cokes and just interact with people.


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