People Share The Most Hurtful Thing A Stranger Has Ever Said To Them.

People Share The Most Hurtful Thing A Stranger Has Ever Said To Them.


One night a guy came up to me. He had an accent but I have no idea where he was from. He said, "Why do you keep your hair so short? It would look so much better long. Women who have short hair have no idea that men prefer long hair on them."

He stood there looking at me, like he wanted an answer. So I said, "I had cancer."


8/24. Some friend of a friend who I had just met started talking about attraction, turn-offs and turn-ons and he looked at me and said: "no offense, but I can only see weirdos or sexual deviants ever being attracted to you."

I have dwarfism, and I've never had a relationship or had any indicator of someone being interested me, so that really haunted me for a while, and it still kinda does. It acts like a negative mantra that keeps resurfacing whenever I start to feel hopeful, as if to put me 'back in my place'. It didn't help that since that lovely encounter, the only person to actually hit on me was a weirdo who was clearly a dwarf fetishist and had no concern over how I felt about it.


9/24. I was at Reading Festival a few years ago and while watching a band there were a few 'bros' behind me. They didn't seem interested in the bands and while I was dancing I felt something being poured on my head.

I turned around and some nobhead with a fake tan was pouring beer on me and laughing with his friends. I said something like 'why would you do that?'. He just said 'shut up you idiot'. I was pretty hurt, mainly because it played on my mind and I felt I couldn't enjoy the rest of the band.

I just couldn't understand why they would even go to a music festival.


10/24. Guy gave me a poor excuse of why I should let him in front of the queue, once I said no he just whispered "pffff, immigrants"

I just turned around and looked at him and said out loudly "What have they done this time?"


11/24. I worked as a salesperson in this little fashion boutique. This lady came in, looked at the ring section and kept insisting that I try the rings on so she could take pictures and send them to her daughter. Then she proceeded to yell when some couldn't fit me, "No. My daughter is not that fat!". Repeatedly. Then she stomped off.

The next day, this lady came back, with her daughter, looking at the rings again.


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