People Share The Most Hurtful Thing A Stranger Has Ever Said To Them.

People Share The Most Hurtful Thing A Stranger Has Ever Said To Them.


Before they left, without buying anything again, she pointed at her daughter and shouted loud enough for the whole store to hear, " See, she's not fat like you!"

I wish I was making this up.


12/24. When I was a kid a classmate called me a b-----d. I told the teacher he called me a bad name. She said "no he didn't because it's true." That's the moment I realized I was different and not having a dad wasn't normal.


13/24. I served as an Infantry Marine and am very proud of my service. My family is from South Asia and I am a pretty brown dude, but just like any one of y'all, I consider myself a proud American and when I came home after my time in the service was up, someone at my community college called me a terrorist.

I didn't think some words would ever shake me after having gone through so much, but man, that stuck with me. At that moment, I didn't even have a response, just this intense anger and frustration In my head and all I could think of was "I wish you could see what I've seen".


14/24. I was working in a haunted house to help raise money for an organization that dug wells in 3rd world countries without clean drinking water. I had put on about 40 pounds after a 6 month depression where the only people I talked to were the pizza delivery drivers.

Anyways, I got assigned to be Freddy Kreuger. It was a great time, until a drunk group came through and this one guy comes up to me and grabs my stomach with both hands and said "wow, Freddy you've become a real fatty".

Luckily, one of the managers heard this and kicked the group out. But, I'll admit it, I teared up. Really emotional time in my life, and I was doing something good, and this douche pissed all over it.


15/24. Nicest girl in high school, and I mean nicest, she was known for being utterly amazing and nice and I truly liked her as a person, she said to me one day in ceramics class "You are truly the ugliest person I've ever seen."

I thought she was joking, but she wasn't, she continued to reassure me that she wasn't joking and she was being serious, that physically, I was the ugliest person she had ever seen in her life. It took a few years to rebuild my self esteem and confidence after that one.


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