People Share The Most Hurtful Thing A Stranger Has Ever Said To Them.

People Share The Most Hurtful Thing A Stranger Has Ever Said To Them.


16/24. I was walking down the street when I passed a group of guys around my age. As I passed them I heard one of them say "she's not bad from the back", then another said "yeah, but she's ugly from the front!" and they all laughed.

Even though they were complete strangers, it hurt a lot. I don't really have much self-confidence anyway, and it made me hate myself even more. I'll admit, I cried over that a few times.


17/24. I think I was in 8th grade. Held this door open for a man that was carrying a box and he said, "you'll have to move aside. You're not as thin as you think."

The doorway was pretty large. This strangers comment was the first time I realized I was fat. Thanks guy.


18/24. My freshman year of college. My roommate was on a video Skype call with his girlfriend. I walked behind him and she saw me in the video, she instantly said "ew, gross, who's the fat guy?" (She didn't realize I could hear her)

I can think of many hurtful things people have said to me, but that's always stuck with me, and lowered my self esteem. Just the idea that someone's first impression of seeing me is that I'm "gross"

After that my roommate wore headphones whenever talking to her.


19/24. I'm a banker for a major bank and was called racist two times. One was because he wanted to cash a $2000 check with NO IDs and another because he overdrew his account 3 times and I was only able to reverse 1 of it for him. (kicker: one person was Chinese...I am Chinese also).


20/24. I was six years old, waiting outside the front of my school, waiting for my father. A woman (mother of one of my classmates) stalks up to me, looks me (all 45 inches of me) up and down and sneers.

Mother: My daughter tells me you're a vegetarian.

Me (meekly): Um...yes, I am.


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