People Share The Most Hurtful Thing A Stranger Has Ever Said To Them.

People Share The Most Hurtful Thing A Stranger Has Ever Said To Them.


Mother: If you don't eat meat in the next two years, you will die.

Walks off without another word. I am permanently scarred.


21/24. I used to have quite a bit of acne when I was in my teens and early 20s (I went on Acutane when I was 24). I was somewhat used to being made fun of for it, but there was one day when I was at work that I've never forgotten.

Earlier in my shift a little girl asked me what was wrong with my face and her mom was really sweet and just said "you'll find out soon enough hunny, everyone does!" Which obviously made me feel better.... it was later in that same shift that this older man just looked at me while I was working and I looked up and he just said "why don't you just wash your face?" Oh gee, is THAT'S what's wrong?! Ugh. So upsetting.


22/24. I hope you get a cancer and die.

League of Legends, those were the times.


23/24. Some guy called me a prick for not saying thank you fast enough when he held the door for me.


24/24. Most hurtful AND best thing a stranger has said to me all in one situation!

My girlfriend and I were walking down the street holding hands on our way to an NBA game (I'm a girl too, yes). An older couple was walking towards us and the woman grabbed her husband and pulled him away from us while she muttered, "Disgusting beans"... and her husband jerked his arm away from her and said, "At least they're happy you miserable idiot!"



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