People Share The Most Over The Top Selfish Act They've Witnessed.

People Share The Most Over The Top Selfish Act They've Witnessed.


9/20. Busy streetcar and a man on crutches comes on. All seats are filled. The man almost falls over twice and noone offers him a seat. I finally made a point of being obnoxious and basically saying "Would someone mind offering this dude a seat please?"

Honestly there were a couple twenty somethings who immediately turned to look in a different direction to pretend they didn't hear me…


10/20. When my parents got divorced, my father told the arbitrator that if he gave my mom the money for the bills, she would just waste it and they wouldn't get paid. For some reason her lawyer agreed to the condition and he got to keep a large portion of the alimony/child support so he could pay the house / electric / car / other utilities bills.

He did not. He just kept the money. Six months later, we were kicked out of our house and lost our car. When this was brought up at court, my father decided he should just quit his six figure job at the department of corrections to avoid having to give our family ANY money.

If you think that maybe my mother was really a money grubber or something, it should be noted that she had gotten a serious spinal surgery in her neck only a month before the divorce and was virtually bedridden. With me as a teenager and my brother not even ten years old, I had to take care of everything.


11/20. First thing that comes to mind, a women was in line at Subway and didn't have enough money for both her and her child's sandwich. She chose to pay for her own sandwich and had the worker throw away the child's. The woman simply told the kid he could eat later.


12/20. My niece saw a t-shirt on the back of a box of cereal. One of those send in three proof of purchase situations. She just had to have it. She brought the box to her mom and told her about it. My sister in law ordered it in a large for herself. Straight up told the little girl to stop crying, that you don't get everything you want. I just happened to be the one to go check the mail the day it came in. That shirt went straight in the trash can.


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