People Share The Most Over The Top Selfish Act They've Witnessed.

People Share The Most Over The Top Selfish Act They've Witnessed.


13/20. Every birthday and Christmas, my siblings and I had the choice between receiving a gift from my parents or having $100 put in our bank account for post secondary school. I loved learning as a child so I did what most children wouldn't have — money in the bank. When my father cheated on my Mom, he drained all our bank accounts (including our college savings) prior to leaving.


14/20. I worked at a convenience store and in walked a mother and her young son, I'm guessing he was about 5. She goes gets a soda and comes up to the counter. We have on the counter a tub full of gummy worms at 5 cents each, and the little boy asks him mom if he can have 2. Literally asks for exactly 2, as in 10 cents worth. She proceeds to tell him no that "We can't afford that!" and then buys $10 worth of scratch offs. I gave that little boy 5 gummy worms. No way in hell a kid that comes in and asks him mother nicely if he can have just 2 gummy worms is gonna miss out especially if she then spends $10 on god damn scratch offs.


15/20. This was about five or so years ago. Showed up to a party where there was a lot of drinking. This tiny girl, weighed maybe about 95lbs, is killing a fifth of vodka on her own. She disappears and next thing we know her friend and boyfriend are carrying her downstairs. "Taking her to ER, we think she has alcohol poisoning," they say. They weren't drinking so we figured she was good. Party was obviously finished at that point so we start cleaning up and get ready to leave.

Not even ten minutes later and the friend and the drunk girl's boyfriend walk back in and start drinking together. Said they dropped her off and the ER people told them to leave. Didn't make sense to us but at least girl was at the ER.

Turns out they had pulled up to the ER, pushed her out of the car, and came right back to the party. Luckily they did it right at the ER's shift change. Had it not happened right then who knows how long that poor girl would have been out there alone basically dying.

Later it came out that the friend and boyfriend had planned on getting this girl super drunk so she would have to leave/ pass out so they could hook up.


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