People Share The Most Over The Top Selfish Act They've Witnessed.

People Share The Most Over The Top Selfish Act They've Witnessed.


16/20. One of my dad's good friends was battling a fairly severe case of pneumonia. He was in a medically induced coma for several weeks. The hospital he was located in was about 90 minutes away from his house.

Whilst in the coma, a Go Fund Me account was created to help his wife pay medical bills, and to help her stay at a hotel close by to the hospital. Several thousand dollars were raised by friends and family of the husband.

The wife proceeded to invite her friends down for an all expenses paid vacation, and basically blew through the entire go fund me proceeds, while neglecting to go to the hospital.

Now he has recovered, but he is still married to his wonderful wife.


17/20. Mom blew threw my entire college fund to 'get back' at my dad for an affair she imagined, didn't find out until first semester when I had $50. Routinely stole money from me and my brother, while also spending every child support check on wine and partying. If something needed to come out of the budget, it was always our food or clothes. She tries to reconcile every few years and thinks I just ignore her for no reason. I plan on waiting for the call that she's dead and not showing up to the funeral.


18/20. Once I worked with a woman who was about to have her first baby. Her water broke on her birthday and she started to go into labor. She said she purposely tried to stop labor and waited until a few days later to go to the hospital because she didn't want to share her birthday with her baby because she said it was "her day".

She ended up having a very bad time delivering because she had waited so long to seek medical help.

Hands down most selfish thing I've ever heard.


19/20. Witnessed my manager tell her crying son he "needs to shut up and stop crying because you aren't going to grandma's for Thanksgiving, we're going shopping because I want a new video game."

He was begging her to go see his family, literally shaking because was was crying so hard. She eventually just walked away from him and left him to cry.


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