People Share The Most Over The Top Selfish Act They've Witnessed.

People Share The Most Over The Top Selfish Act They've Witnessed.


20/20. Today my mom had a hysterectomy done. She has stage 3 breast cancer (hasn't technically been put in remission by her doctors) and the hysterectomy was the last step in this long and terrible year she's had which has included a double mastectomy, chemo, and reconstruction.

My uncle (moms brother) is going through some things. He struggles with alcohol addiction (doesn't wanna own up to it), lives in my grandmothers house who passed away five years ago (struggles to pay all bills including property taxes so the family is at risk of losing the home), and has recently violated an order of protection that was put on him by his ex (twice).

Nothing is his fault. All of his issues are a result of others incompetence/failures/coldheartedness. Oh and he's a genius.

Today he posted (on Facebook) some shit about my mom having her hysterectomy today and him being disappointed that he couldn't go because he has court (for violating the order of protection). He also posted that she has stage 3 lymphoma. My mom explicitly said that she didn't want anyone posting anything online about her condition. She's a private person and the sole caretaker of my uncle. She feels like she has to take care of him since he threatens suicide all of the time (we have had long talks about enabling, trust me).

I asked him to take it down. He got offended. Told me that if it affects him then it affects everyone. Told me that I was trying to restrict his right to free speech. Oh, the kicker? He said that he wants the judge/DA/whoever to see that he is struggling and that it's this girls fault for putting him through additional hell. He was using my moms condition, which she specifically asked not to be put on blast, as a soapbox.

I stayed cordial, wished him luck, didn't tell my mother, and asked him not to speak with me anymore. This was the conclusion of the essay of selfish things he has done while my mother fights cancer. This is worse than when he said that he wished he had cancer instead of going through the heartbreak of a breakup. He was with this girl for three months.



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