People Share The One Time They Just Had To Walk Out On Someone In The Middle Of A Date.

People Share The One Time They Just Had To Walk Out On Someone In The Middle Of A Date.


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"Reddit, have you ever walked out on someone in the middle of a date? If yes, why?"

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1/15. . She was very attractive and I thought it was going well. But when I mentioned something from the email she had written me, she denied ever emailing me. I laughed and said "well that's how we planned this," but she got angry and insisted we had never emailed.

I laughed it off, thinking maybe it was a joke. But she brought it up again and called me a liar. I told her I wasn't lying and then offered to show her her email on my phone. She said "you faked an email from me?!?" So I just got up and walked out. It was too crazy for me to deal with anymore.


2/15. She was one of my coworker's friends daughter. We met for lunch and she was incredibly horribly rude to the waiter. After she dropped a racial slur about him, I got up, paid the bill, apologized to the waiter, and left.


3/15. Only once.

He didn't look like his picture

He had been doing his PhD in humanities for over ten years at a sub par university

He lectured me on my current studies without even knowing what I was studying as he hadn't asked

He proceeded to pontificate on a variety of political/social topics showing off but was dumb

I decided to wait out the first drink then leave. But he kept bringing the glass to his mouth THEN PUTTING IT DOWN WITHOUT A SIP to continue to lecture me about what he thought he knew something about. That one glass was going forever.

So I left.


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