People Share The One Time They Just Had To Walk Out On Someone In The Middle Of A Date.

People Share The One Time They Just Had To Walk Out On Someone In The Middle Of A Date.


4/15. He got very drunk and would not stop going on about how all of his friends were no fun anymore because they all had girlfriends. I felt sort of bad for him, but then he started getting angry at me when I slowed down on the drinking. He also kept leaving me to go smoke outside. At about 1 am (we met at 7pm) I said it was pretty late and I needed to go to sleep. He got upset, so I stayed. Then almost immediately he went to have a smoke again so I just left.


5/15. Got drinks with a girl I met at a bar a week before. She invited me to a party at one of her friends' places downtown afterwards, so I went along.

Well, an hour later I rounded a corner and found her with her tongue down another guy's throat in the hallway. I just walked out and never talked to her again.

Honestly, I wasn't even that mad. I went and joined my friends at the bar, told them the story, and got a couple free rounds from the cute bartender who overheard. Ended up hooking up with her a couple weeks later.


6/15. Met a girl online, messages me early in the day and is extremely charming and funny, mentions she's having breakfast solo just a block or two from my house. Invites me to join her and we start chatting, get some eggs as she announces that she just fought with her parents (who live on another continent) and is now cut off from her folks who support her financially.

I play the white knight card and immediately offer to pay for breakfast, as I do so she asks to come back to my place to use the wifi. We walk a block or two away, laughing and talking and discussing her life at one of the top 3 engineering schools internationally. I'm into her, she's obviously into me, and we spend the day in and out of bed at my house, lovely long luxurious first date.

Around 10pm, we're having wine on my porch and she confesses to me that she's been living off the dating site we met on, has been off her meds for 2 weeks b/c she can't afford them and proposes that I let her live in my house for the next 8 months until she graduates. Totally stone cold proposition.

I'm faced with the option of either kicking her out onto the street to make her way or trying to help in some way. Freak ing out quietly, I casually ask her if I can play some music from her phone, find her parents contact info, and have a call with her mom (who speaks almost no English) from my bathroom, a fugitive in my own house, until I get the message across.

We furtively coordinate a rescue plan over the next two days while she happily runs around my apartment, doing her best to be an "ideal girlfriend". Third day, her uncle knocks and picks her up.

Still don't know if I did the right thing.


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