People Share The One Time They Just Had To Walk Out On Someone In The Middle Of A Date.

People Share The One Time They Just Had To Walk Out On Someone In The Middle Of A Date.


7/15. When I was 20, I met a beach cop and he asked me out to dinner.

When I got to the restaurant he introduced me to his mother who he had also invited. I ordered a drink, excused myself to the restroom and walked out the door.

I did not see him again because a) despite living in Virginia Beach I rarely went to the beach, and b) he and his mom did not frequent the same bars and clubs as me.


8/15. I met her at a bar, and her mom was there watching over her. Then we ditched that bar and we went to another club, hung out and ran into her step brother there. While we were talking with the step brother, a guy bumped into him hard and I had to get between those two as they were about to come to blows. This was Chicago too, "running" into him seemed too coincidental.

A little later, she said she saw a friend she was going to say hi to while I was waiting in line for us to get drinks. While waiting and after picking up the drinks, I saw her go say hi to the friend, talk for a few, then continue on her way, not heading back my way, and start dancing with a guy. I downed my drink, then hers, then beat it. We drove separately so no big, and figured I dodged a bullet somewhere down the line.


9/15. Met her through some chatroom (early 2000's), she lived 1 town over where I could reach within 30 min by train. Decided to go for it rather spontaneously, it was a Saturday afternoon with plenty of time to waste, so why not.

Arrived at the station, she was pretty enough but had a rather wild look that I couldn't quite interpret. Ladies and gentlemen, until we left the train station it took almost 1.5 hours, she had exchanged pleasantries with every single addict hanging around the property (train stations in German cities are druguser hotspots), and asked if I could lend her 20 EUR that she owed one of them. Told her I didn't carry cash (might have been true, don't remember).

She got pissed, asked how I was supposed to pay for her dinner? To which I replied that I had briefly considered inviting her for dinner indeed (had never been discussed prior), and if so, intended to pay for it using my credit card. But that intention was finished then & there, walked right back in and jumped on the next homeward bound train (they come in a 20 min frequency). And that's how I got a free tour of the Dortmund central station.


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