People Share The One Time They Just Had To Walk Out On Someone In The Middle Of A Date.

People Share The One Time They Just Had To Walk Out On Someone In The Middle Of A Date.


10/15. Got hooked up on a blind date. Go to the place we're meeting up and the guy isn't as bad as I thought. Conversation is flowing, pretty good time and I'm feeling him. Guy then proceeds to insert foot in mouth by complimenting me on my English and how smart I appear to be for a Hispanic unlike others he's tried to date before.

I pulled out my wallet, threw a twenty on the table and bailed.


11/15. I met a girl one night at a bar. She was blonde, well-endowed, fairly attractive, and seemed very nice. She was there with her boyfriend/guy she was dating, but they ended up having some fight and he bailed on her. She said it was over. My friends and I gave her a ride home that night, I even did the gentlemanly thing, letting her wear my coat because it was cold, and we exchanged numbers.

Several days later we got together for drinks at a friend's party. This girl and her sister came down from the smaller town they were from for it.

She did disclose to me that she used to be a stripper, but it didn't faze me at all (although it was hilarious because she had one of the most stereotypical stripper names imaginable). In fact, at this time in my early 20s, all I could think was "wow I'm going to hook up with a stripper!"

After a few drinks she said something about loving my cologne, and wanted to know if she could take my shirt home with her to sleep with, and something about casting some sort of spell on it.

Right around this time, one of my good friends pulled me to the side, saying he needed to talk to me. He had been talking to the sister, who had asked if he wanted to smoke a foil (meth). She said she gets it for free because they live with their aunt and uncle who cook it. I quickly gave him the abridged version about the amateur witchcraft, and we both agreed to bail.

So we left and a couple months later, the girl I almost hooked up with ended up pregnant by a guy who lived down the street from the party, who just so happened to be there that night. I dodged a bullet.


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