People Share The One Time They Just Had To Walk Out On Someone In The Middle Of A Date.

People Share The One Time They Just Had To Walk Out On Someone In The Middle Of A Date.


12/15. Sat down, said hi, she pulled out her phone.

Waiter comes over and she orders a 20 dollar cocktail. He leaves, back to the phone... I tried talking and got one syllable answers. After a minute of silence I asked "so are you seriously going to sit on your phone and ignore me?", which got me a look of "you kidding me?" and right back to the phone.

Waiter comes back with her drink and she orders the most expensive meals off the menu. I order myself and try once more to talk to her and she literally says "look could you just not?"

Penny drops, I'm a meal ticket! I'd heard of this, where girls would just go on dates to get free food and save money, never thought it really happened though. Made sense though, I generally suggest coffee for a first date but she'd insisted on dinner.

Either way, that comment made me furious. I mean I don't expect any kind of sexual obligation from someone if I buy them a meal, nor do I think they owe me a second date or anything like that. But if you show up for a date then you owe me the courtesy of speaking to me.

So I decided to be a little petty. Ordered myself and ate the entree and main (in complete silence). After they cleared the mains and she'd ordered her third 20 dollar cocktail while remaining glued to her phone I excused myself to the bathroom.

Well instead of going to the bathroom I headed over to the front desk where our waiter was... the guy knew what was up and said to me "crappy date huh?" yup!

Apologised to him but said there was NO WAY I was paying for her food or drinks. Despite a "one bill per table" thing he helped me out and I paid for my food (including the dessert I wasn't going to be there for), gave him a tip (tipping isn't a thing here unless you get exceptional service and I counted this) and left. What I paid for my food didn't even reach what she'd racked up in drinks.

So 40 minutes later, which I assume is how long it took her to finish her dessert and then look up long enough to notice I was gone, my phone blew up. Messages about how I was a horrible person and that she couldn't afford to pay and that they'd taken her drivers license until she did, bunch more that were just scrawls of abuse...

I'd say it was "great" but as I was hoping for a nice night out and got a depressing meal in silence instead it really wasn't. Still I was happy to be the one to teach her a lesson... I'm guessing that most guys just shut up and paid for her to reach the level of contempt she showed me.


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