People Share The Weirdest Instance of 'It's A Small World!' They've Ever Encountered.

People Share The Weirdest Instance of 'It's A Small World!' They've Ever Encountered.


People on Reddit were asked: "What is the weirdest instance of 'It's a small world' you've ever came across?" These are some of the best answers.

1. Two years post graduation, I ran to a high school friend In Rome, on a tiny back street. We are from Philadelphia.


2. I like to talk to people on the internet. I meet people from all over the globe.

A couple years ago I started talking to this guy from France. We shared some "unconventional" interests (we met on a fetish forum). We get to talking for a while and at one point I mentioned where I live. Now I live in a small town. Like small enough that it doesn't even have a Starbucks. Because of this, whenever I talk to strangers on the internet about where I live, I instead say that I live in the nearest big city. So I tell him that I live in this city, and he replies "Oh, that's cool, my fiancé lives near there. He lives in [my small town]."

So that was pretty [wild]. This guy I met on a fetish forum who lives in France just happens to be in a long-distance relationship with somebody in my town. It doesn't stop there though.

So about a month later the guy from France was coming to my town to see his fiancé. And given the context of how I met this person, he invited me to come hang out and have some "fun" with the two of them. So dumb 18-year-old me went to the address of somebody I've never met before, alone, without telling anybody where I was going. Fortunately nothing bad happened, but looking back it's still probably one of the stupidest things I've done.

So I get there, ring the doorbell, and the door was answered by the French guy... And one of my brother's old friends from high school.

So of the thousands of people I could have met on that forum, from anywhere in the world, I met a guy from France who was in a long-distance relationship with, out of anybody else in the world, a friend of my brother's from high school in my tiny town.


3. I worked at Disney World for the college program a couple of years ago. An older couple came in line at my ride and began speaking about how they come multiple times a year because they are members of the Disney Vacation Program. They told me how friendly they thought I was and how I looked exactly like a younger version of their old boss's husband.

We kept talking for a few minutes and the wife mentioned how happy she was to be out of the cold NY weather and in Florida. I mentioned I too am from NY and we realized she is a retired nurse from the town in which I was born. By the time we finished speaking we realized she had worked as a nurse for my Grandma almost 40 years before and the man she thought I looked like 100% was in fact my grandfather. It was unreal and freaky. I called my grandma to tell her what had happened when my shift ended and she went on to tell me how she remembers the lady all the way back to her first day of work, almost 40 years before. It was weird.


4. I was living in an apartment building in NYC for a few years and had a really cool neighbor. I moved and then I saw her on the street one time and asked her what she was doing here, she said she moved to the building right next to mine. I had the same neighbor twice.


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