People Share The Weirdest Thing They Ever Saw Happen At A Funeral.

People Share The Weirdest Thing They Ever Saw Happen At A Funeral.


People on Reddit were asked: "What is the [weirdest thing] you've seen go down at a funeral?" These are some of the best answers.

1/30 Showed up at the cemetery and there was a cow standing in the grave. Had to wait for them to get a winch and take the cow out before my great uncle could go in.


2/30 A friend of mine was shot and killed when he was 17. At the funeral, a lot of his classmates showed up wearing things that said he was an angel, and one girl had "Corey is my guardian Angel" painted on her rear window. There were two Pastors at the service, the first one, my old pastor, gave a heartfelt service about him and, since he knew almost everyone in town, was able to help the family grieve afterward.

The other pastor, from a new-ish church in town, went up to the podium and spent the next 15 minutes ranting about evil teenagers and complaining that high schoolers don't realize that you don't become an angel when you die. "I saw it written on one of your cars that he's your guardian angel as I was walking in. Well, you're wrong! When you die, you go to Heaven or Hell, and the way the youth in this town live, I'll be surprised if I ever encounter him again in this life or the next." Implying he was heavenbound, while the deceased boy beside him was going to Hell. Even if you believe that, don't say it at the funeral in front of the guys mourning family and friends.

His church wasn't open for much longer after that. I think the building was re-purposed as a garage or something.


3/30 My mom jumping out from behind the casket and yelling "Ta da!" (No, this was not her funeral.)


4/30 My childhood best friend died earlier this year. We lost touch in our teens, and he apparently changed a lot in the intervening 15-20 years. He got into a lot of drugs and eventually wound up choking to death on his own vomit as his druggie friends watched.

The funeral home did a slideshow of photos of him. Every single photo showed him getting high, being stoned, drunk, or wearing juggalo makeup. When his mom gave his eulogy, she proclaimed herself a juggalo in his honor.


5/30 My grandfather was an identical twin. When gramps and our family walked into his brother's funeral, it became very clear, very quickly, that not all of the friends of the deceased knew this.


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