People Who Lost Spouses And Got Remarried Share What Life Is Like Now.

People Who Lost Spouses And Got Remarried Share What Life Is Like Now.


Losing a lifelong partner leaves a hole that can never be filled, but there can be something on the other side of it.

Below are stories of people who lost their spouses and then met somebody else. Check them out.

14. The person I was with killed herself. We hadn't been together very long, but it had been my first "true love" so it hurt. Since my family is incredibly conservative, they'd never met her -- and neither had my friends, as I was very cautious of news of my non-straight dating reaching family -- so grieving was tough, and I basically stifled all emotions for a good few years.

In the meantime, I met my current long-term significant other. It took me a while to open up about my past in terms of losing my previous partner -- I think about a year or year and a half until I told the full story -- as it involved opening up that well-sealed drawer of emotions in the back of my mind and dealing with them.

Yes, I still think about her. Recently, a book I got from her got given away to a library and promptly picked up by someone -- it took me a day to get over the loss of one of the last items I have to remember her by. On her birthday, I still get that fruit cheesecake she always wanted to have for any occasion. And on Halloween, when she died, I have a bit of a tougher time celebrating and being relaxed, and usually need to spend the day at home if I want to go out in the evening to get over emotions before I meet up with friends.

My significant other is incredibly supportive and understanding of it all despite not having similar experiences in the past (as far as I know at least). He helped me process a large portion of the grief and was open to listening to stories about her, and to take part in my remembering of her.


13. My partner passed away two years ago. I met a wonderful and supportive girl not long after who helped me through some super dark days. We are engaged to get married in June. It's still a conversation piece we try to avoid where possible as it's hard not to make her feel a little uncomfortable about it all. I keep a little part of myself reserved for my late partner, just a little corner of my heart and my mind that will stay reserved forever. I also keep a cast iron 'Love Duck' on my work desk, the matching partner of it is clenched in her hand inside her coffin, I spend a little time everyday talking to it.


12. I'm twice widowed now. It takes a good 5 years to get a grip on life again. In my own personal experience, the first one I try to date always seems to be my dud one and then I meet the one I was meant to be with. You just have to give yourself time to grieve and heal and don't rush things. I've had 2 great loves but short lived. I'm at 15 years on my first lost and 5 years on my second loss.


11. My wife passed away a couple years ago. It was a lot and not something I could even begin to put into words. Some really rough days, even tiny things you don't think about will catch you off guard. Eventually, I...(Continued)

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