People Who Lost Spouses And Got Remarried Share What Life Is Like Now.

People Who Lost Spouses And Got Remarried Share What Life Is Like Now.


Eventually, I met a wonderful girl who I just got it off with perfectly. We are engaged now so not married yet but in May of this year we will be and I am very happy. I still show respect for my late wife. Make sure her grave is kept and I have a lot of her stuff still that I am keeping. Pictures and what not, my fiancé is totally cool with it and is very understanding. When we first started dating she ask me about her and wanted to know about her, I think that helped get past some things. But I am happy and can't wait to get married.


10. My husband died five years ago in April. We had a two year old son together. I really struggled for while, however, I eventually went down the path of healing. After lots of work and raising my son, I met an amazing man. We are engaged and expecting our first baby together. There are still days (rare) where I feel sad, but it's for what could have been. Every year, we send a lit Chinese lantern with a letter for our loss. My fiancé and I are incredibly happy and he is incredibly supportive of me. My son and him are very close and have a really cool bond. There is life after death, but you need to do the work to heal and find love again. The work is painful and gritty but totally worth the journey.


9. After we graduated and both landed jobs in a city 2,000 miles away, I married my college sweetheart. We bought a house, made plans, didn't include cancer in that plan, and I lost her after six years of marriage, and an additional 9 years of being pals, friends, best friends then dating.

Three years later I met a really amazing woman. Smart, witty, resourceful, beautiful and passionate. We were married a year later. It was her first marriage (and she's older than me), but her parents, as they got to know me, respected and really appreciated my path in life. It's be 14 wonderful years now. I still miss my first wife, but not in a debilitating way, and my wife knows that, and respects it. My wife appreciates that my first wife was part of what molded me into the person I am today.

Now I've been married more than twice as long as I was before I lost my first wife. We've had our difficulties, which led us to adopt our son, who is awesome. But both of our lives are better together and better because of where we each came from. It's a beautiful thing.

And somehow I know that my first wife would have been really good friends with my wife if she had known her.

And my wife is really great with my first wife's extended family. We get together often. Yes, I hit the lottery with both sets of in-laws.


8. My husband of 11 years died in 2009. I'm not remarried, but am in a serious and committed relationship with someone now. He's a never-ever to marriage type guy so someone like me who's content not to marry having had a long, happy, excellent marriage already is perfect for him in a way.

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