People Who Lost Spouses And Got Remarried Share What Life Is Like Now.

People Who Lost Spouses And Got Remarried Share What Life Is Like Now.


I'm having kind of a rough week with current significant other, things not related to my being a widow-- silly nitpicky things.

Current significant other doesn't have a jealous bone in his body. He says he thinks he was somehow born without the gene for jealousy. So all along he's been totally cool if say, one of my husband's favorite songs comes on and gets me started crying. He's always let me cry on his shoulder. He doesn't mind if I talk about my husband a lot. In fact, he likes my stories about him. A few months ago I got a very, VERY emotionally charged "Facebook memory". It was the video/photo montage that I made for my husband's wake. Hundreds and hundreds of photos and videos of he and I on all our excellent adventures. It really knocked me for a loop as I hadn't watched it or even thought about it in several years. I was bawling on current significant other's lap. Thinking about it later, I wondered if after 6 years now he's getting tired of it so I asked him and he said basically, no, not at all, that he can't possibly understand what it's like but could imagine it's not something you just get over one day.

I still think about my husband every day. When I see a new movie he'd have loved, I still get angry that he never got to see it. Stuff like that. I still want to talk to him about stuff.

My overall attitude about it is that I'm lucky to have a life with 2 great loves.


7. My husband died at 34 of cancer. Our daughter was 8 months old. She is my saving grace and a blessing. It was hard then and it still is. I still cry and grieve. My daughter, now almost 7, asks questions and wants to know about her dad. I try to keep communication open with his family because my daughter needs that but sometimes I feel they blame me. I still talk to him and think about him all of the time even though it's been 6 years.

I met my 2nd husband two years to the day of my first husband's death. I love him just as much as I love my first husband but it's different. Our relationship isn't the same and he isn't the same person my deceased husband was. I am not the same person I was 6 years ago. I do feel this marriage is more difficult because I am dealing with an ex wife and step kids. I can't really compare the two relationships though because they are very different people. I love them both wholeheartedly.

My second husband is very supportive and respectful of my first husband. He understands that some days are still hard for me but it doesn't mean I love him any less. I'm sure sometimes he feels he is competing with a ghost but I try not to make him feel that way. He encourages my daughter to ask questions and spend time with her grandparents.

I will never forget my first husband and there are times I still struggle and get mad at him for dying. It's hard and it sucks but happily I made the choice to keep moving forward because I am still living and he would have wanted that.


6. It's weird sometimes. My wife passed away and just left me and my son together. He was young enough that he doesn't remember her as anything more than a picture on the wall.

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