People Who Lost Spouses And Got Remarried Share What Life Is Like Now.

People Who Lost Spouses And Got Remarried Share What Life Is Like Now.


I reconnected with someone from college later on and we ended up getting married. She's one of the kindest souls I've ever known and helped me through a dark time. She's helping raise my son like he's her own and he loves her unconditionally. She's also very good about telling him about his mother to make sure that he knows about her and all she did for him.

I didn't intend to get married again it was just something that happened out of the blue. My son and I are very happy now but there's still the "What would life be like if the accident hadn't happened?"


5. My husband died suddenly four years ago. It was ... hard. It took me a few years to pull myself together but eventually I moved to a new city, found a job and made a new life. I'm 33 now and I live with my significant other, we're not married but talking about it. I still think about my husband every day. I miss him. I love him. It's hard to explain. My significant other tries to understand but he can't, which is ok. He doesn't like talking about past and likes focusing on the future. That's why I keep my past to myself but I also keep it close. The hard truth is, I think I will never be as happy as I once was. And that's also ok, because I am happy, just not so young or naive to think that things can't fall apart in split second. It's bittersweet, because there's always a bit of pain there too.


4. My first wife and I were married very young (me 18, her 17), but that was after dating through high school for 3+ years and knowing we wanted to marry for a LONG time. I knew she had a deadly illness (Cystic Fibrosis) before we started dating, but after I'd already fallen in love with her. I knew the entire time we were together that it wasn't going to be the fairy tale ending of us sitting on a porch in rocking chairs with our grand-children. But none of that mattered. All that mattered was that I got a chance to be with her and made her happy every chance I got.

When she died in my arms 9 months after we were married just about a month before her 18th birthday, it was devastating for everyone. Her mom, dad, sister, me, my family, everyone simply fell apart (Her mom and dad more than anyone). This wonderful girl who touched so many people with her positive attitude was gone from us forever. She deserved to experience so much more. It wasn't fair. I thought my life was over. I thought I'd never, ever find anyone else.

Fast-forward a few years and I met my current wife. This April will be our 25th anniversary. She knows almost every story I could tell about my first wife. She knows I still love my first wife, but she also knows that doesn't mean that I love her any less. She understands that just because she's my second wife, doesn't mean she replaced my first wife. She's very respectful of that and knows the difference and isn't threatened by it at all. If she was, we wouldn't have gotten married and we would certainly not have lasted 25 years.

I probably think about my first wife at least 4-5 times a week. Even after all these years, she's still on my mind that often. I don't have pictures up around the house of her, but I do have some on my PC and in my facebook profile. I post a link to the CF Foundation and other charities on her birthday because many of my high school friends on facebook knew her and appreciate that. It's never bothered my current wife at all.

It was a lot to deal with for an 18 year old private in the Army, but I'm glad I had the chance to make a difference in her life. I grew up a lot knowing her, and my current wife gets to enjoy the benefits of that.


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