People Whose Marriage Fell Apart In Under 1 Year Share What Actually Happened.

People Whose Marriage Fell Apart In Under 1 Year Share What Actually Happened.


This article is based on the AskReddit question "Redditors whose marriage lasted less than a year, what went wrong?"

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1. The day after the wedding a sheriff showed up on our door step with child support papers for a 3 month old baby. Turns out my husband had been sleeping with his coworker. I was willing to look past the indiscretion but when he refused to take responsibility for his child I couldn't handle it anymore. The kid shouldn't have to suffer because his dad is an idiot. Divorce was final 11 months after our wedding day.


2. She had another boyfriend when I proposed and kept him around while planning our wedding. They got married after our divorce.

Don't get married while you're in the military. Listen to the signs.


3. Buddy of mine found out the night before the wedding his soon to be wife slept with her ex. He goes through with it and as the vicar ends the ceremony he tells all, in front of everyone, throws the ring away and asks the vicar if he does take-backs.


4. We expedited the marriage because she was pregnant, and I loved her already, so wasn't concerned about it. I was working crazy hours so she could stay home with the baby, and our schedule started shifting so we didn't spend as much time together. She had postpartum, and started playing online role playing games all night, and met a guy who didn't work, and lived off of his mother, so he had all the time to talk to her. Long story short, she kissed our daughter, gave her to me, and ran off with him.

Fast forward over a decade, and we're fine as friends now, and my daughter is cuddled up beside me as I type this, playing on her tablet. The karma is time and lifestyle haven't been kind to her, and our daughter would rather be with me, and trust me more.


5. She started feeling 'trapped' as in, my expectation of monogamy was too much. So she discovered polyamory, decided she wanted to be polyamarous with her boss, and that it was worth opening the marriage no matter what. She was pretty surprised when I divorced her.


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