People With So-Called 'Useless' Degrees Were Asked: 'How Did That Go For You?'

People With So-Called 'Useless' Degrees Were Asked: 'How Did That Go For You?'


People on Reddit who got a "useless" degree (ie. art history, gender studies, etc.) were asked: "How did it turn out?" These are some of the best answers.

How did it turn out? Well, a lot of the classes wound up not being that interesting. Don't get me wrong, some of them I really enjoyed, specifically the ones that involved doing big research projects. Working on those and just pouring over countless books and documents, that was really fun and I was really happy with the work I did on those.

But, like I said, there was a lot of "fluff" and when I was in my junior year, I remember thinking "What the hell are you doing? You're better than this!" But I felt I was too far along and changing a major would wind up costing even more money that I didn't have. So I stuck it out and finished the degree.

I kept my old job as a tennis teacher during my first year out of college as I kept hunting through various entry level positions, finding I was often either unqualified or overqualified for the positions.

After just over a year, I got a temp position at a chemical plant doing technical work. It was originally meant to be a three month job. Then it became six. Then it became nine. Then a position opened up and it became a full time, salaried position.

The best part is while working alongside the engineers, I'm remembering things I leaned in my first three semesters and actually enjoying doing that work (for a change). And since the company offers full reimbursement, I'm going back to school to finish my engineering degree.


2/30 I got a diploma in special effects makeup - I've worked on The Hobbit, Mad Max, Wolverine and I, Frankenstein.

So far, so good!


3/30 I have an English degree. I got really lucky and landed a job in publishing.


4/30 I had no idea what to do in college, so I panicked and took as many classes as possible. Ended up with a triple major: Spanish, international studies, mass communication.

I'm a cook now.


5/30 I have a History degree from a good uni in the UK. It enabled me to work in Abu Dhabi as a teacher for 3 years, despite not having a teaching qualification, because it was seen that my level of English/intelligence should be pretty good. From AD I travelled much of Asia and had many experiences I would otherwise have missed out on. Upon returning to London I became a PA/project assistant and earn a nice enough wage to be buying a house later this year. It is only "useless" if you believe it so and make nothing of your opportunities.


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