Pet Owners Share The Smartest Thing They've Witnessed Their Pets Do.

Pet Owners Share The Smartest Thing They've Witnessed Their Pets Do.


From alarming their owners of danger, to teaching other animals how to behave, 30 pet owners share the smartest thing they've witnessed their pet do.

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1/22. I had taken my dog out for a hike in an abandoned area. It was a hot day, there was a creek with a deep pool, so I decided to undress and go for a swim. The dog and I splash around for a bit. Then I get dressed and carry on down the trail.

My dog, however, wouldn't follow. She was staring at something in the grass. I called, she looked up at me and then looked back at the grass. I went over to see what was so enthralling... turns out my car keys had fallen out of my pocket and she wasn't budging until I picked them up.


2/22. My old dog Poindexter would listen to my phone conversations. She'd hear my friend's ring tone and walk over to where I was. Then she'd stare at me and listen. She was hopeful because his dog was her best buddy. As soon as she heard the words "I'll be right over," she would go wild.

Only if it was him, and only if I said those words.


3/22. My cat (about 4 months old at the time) hadn't come back for at least 2 days and I looked for her everywhere. I was getting worried since she never really left for more then a couple of hours. I guess my Labrador sensed how worried I was and realized it was because of the cat. So he decided to run out the door, while I wasn't playing attention. (He also knows how to open doors.) I didn't realize till later and I thought I had lost both of them. When around 8pm I heard meowing coming from outside. When I looked outside I saw my lab holding my kitten by the head.


4/22. I grew up with a couple border collie mixes and my mom trained service dogs after college, so we had some good boys.

When you walk the dog my mom has now at night sometimes he'll just stop and sit right in front of you and not let you walk forward. If you try to step around him, he'll scootch in front of you and push back on your leg with his head. No one ever trained him to do this, but he'll do it whenever there is a moose in the road ahead and he wants to keep you from walking into danger.

Once we were hiking in daylight along a trail and he did the same thing. We had plenty of visibility and we couldn't see any large animals so we pushed by him and just a few steps ahead on the trail was a wasp nest that had fallen out of a tree.


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