Police Officers Share The Most Ridiculous Story They've Heard From Someone In Questioning.

Police Officers Share The Most Ridiculous Story They've Heard From Someone In Questioning.


Officer, I swear it wasn't me! It was... the cat!

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1/22. I was with the officer when this happened.

Some kids were shooting bottle rockets, no big deal, but they were in an area where there had been some burglaries, so we checked it out.

There were three of them when we pulled up, maybe 14 years old. Here's the thing though, they were pretty well cornered. On one side was a pond where we could easily catch them, on another side was a huge fence with barbed wire, and finally there was one side with an unclimbable embankment that lead to some rail road tracks. Like I said, we had them cornered.

Two of them take off for the embankment and hide in the trees/grass, while one runs towards the fence.

Well the two that ran for the embankment were pretty well hidden, but Mr. Solo realized the fence had barbed wire, panicked, and decided to lay flat on his belly in ankle high grass hoping we couldn't see him.

We walked up and asked him to get to his feet. Nothing. We repeated the directions. Do you know what he did?

He rolled over, faked the biggest yawn he could muster and started stretching this way and that. Then he asked "Sorry, what? I was just sleeping."

The whole scene was too funny, so the officer and I start hysterically laughing, tell the kid he's not in trouble, and remind him not to run from the police.

This kid really thought he could pretend he just woke up from a nap, after we had just watched him sprint across the field and lay down. Good times.


2/22. Caught a woman stealing, she said it was her twin.

"What's your twin's name?" I asked.


I looked at her ID.

"That's your name," I said.


3/22. A couple said they were camping.

No camping gear. 1 piece of luggage with their clothes. Completely clean vehicle interior. Didn't know the name of their campsite. Mexican license plates... that did not belong to the vehicle they were driving. I opened their vehicle and what did I find?

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