Poor Souls Share The Worst Mistake They Made During A Job Interview.

Poor Souls Share The Worst Mistake They Made During A Job Interview.


1/30) Asked about a time I had to make a compromise and, not drawing on any past experiences beyond an hour ago, I cited the time I had to give the last blue Jolly Rancher to my girlfriend even though it's my favorite flavor. Still got the job but wow.


2/30) Interviewed at a bank. Was going perfectly despite how nervous I was, and I was probably in with a great chance. Then as a final question, the panel asked me "why should we hire you?", I blurt out: "Because I probably won't rob you of all your money!"


3/30) Showed up in person to a phone interview.


4/30) Not exactly a mistake, but I went to the counter of the store and asked if they were hiring. They said they were and gave me an on the spot interview right there in the middle of the store with my mom standing right with me (I was 16 and she had given me a ride to the store). My mom proceeded to answer every question for me and kept talking me up. I ended up getting the job and worked there for over 2 years, so thanks mom!


5/30) Asked about my hobbies talked about sewing and reading. Guy pushed a little more,asked if there was anything else. I was confused why he would push at this question and said no. I was interviewing at a video store, the correct answer is 'watching movies'. I will never let myself live that one down.


6/30) I dropped my suit off at the dry cleaners and went back to get it the morning of the interview and they had lost it. With the interview only about twenty minutes away the owner gave me his suit to borrow. It was a tan suit,way too big, had a striped pattern, and reeked of mustard and sweat. Safe to say I did not make a good first impression at that interview.


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