Poor Souls Share Their Worst Experiences On Craigslist.

Poor Souls Share Their Worst Experiences On Craigslist.


'craigslist' can be a wonderful shortcut to finding good equipment or services for well below market prices. Sometimes, however, people have some...less than stellar experiences with it. Below are 14 unbelievable stories that people who used 'craigslist' actually experienced. Check them out!

1. Sold a juicer on CL. Ended up dropping it off at this dude's house. The next day I see a desk for sale that I want. So I inquire. It's the same dude. Okay, weird coincidence. I go over and the desk isn't the one pictured. This was a piece of crap that he clearly cobbled together from scraps. He offers it to me for free, so I say yes.

The next day, I get a text from him wanting to know if I want to come over for some beers. No thanks. Then the next day I find an ad for rims for my exact year, make and model of car. Rim size not mentioned but the car is detailed out. Inquire. Same dude.

I realize at this point that during the course of casual conversation he was picking up on other things I said I wanted and, in the case of the rims, he knew I wanted rims and what model of car I drove. So he was posting ads specifically for me to respond to so I'd come over and "hang out."

Considering my cell phone was still two area codes behind my moving I decided it was a good time to change my number, the locks on my house and swap the batteries in my stun gun.


2. Bought a Keurig on Craigslist.

Used it for a couple of days, started noticing coffee grounds in my cup. Ignored it.

Saw a cockroach in my kitchen, and found out it was coming from the keurig. Took a flashlight to the inside, and it was infested with a nest of cockroaches.

It wasn't coffee grounds in my cup.


3. I had an entertainment center advertised and a woman asked to come over to have a look at it, we set up a time and when the time came, she didn't show up. I texted her and a couple hours later she replied and asked if it was too late to come by, it was 10pm but I said ok. She said she would be there in 10 minutes, but wasn't there 20 minutes later and I texted her again. 10 more minutes, she said, but she hadn't shown up by 11pm so I texted again and said we would have to do it another day, and she replied that she was just pulling up. I go to my front door and sure enough she is pulling into the driveway, and there are about 4 or 5 other people in the car with her. They all get out and start walking towards the door and I ask them what they are doing, and the woman says they all want to see the entertainment center. I tell her that only she can come in, and at that point I wasn't sure I even wanted her to come in. She says she needs at least one other person's opinion. I say no, she gets indignant and I ask her to leave, and she says that I am not being a very good Christian. I say I am fine with that and went in my house and locked all the doors, peeking out the window. One of the dudes who was with her is pissing at the end of my driveway, but then they get in the car and drive away. The whole thing was super bizarre.


4. My youngest brother sent me a text one day. He'd saved up 700$ and wanted a computer. I told him "I know a subreddit we can go to...." but no. He's found a guy on CL with a machine. Says it's like a 1000$ machine for 600$ want me to go with him to check it out. I can't, schedule is packed.

Guy basically says he can do a skype call showing the PC working and I can peek inside the guts from the video call so I do that. It looks good. Very high end computer and everything is brand new with boxes for the components. I tell my little bro (who was 18) that it's all good, if he can snatch it, go for it.

Well about 8pm I get a skype message from the CL seller. "I got your brother."

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