Proud Children Share The Most Badass Thing They've Witnessed Their Dad Do.

Proud Children Share The Most Badass Thing They've Witnessed Their Dad Do.


Everybody would like to look up to their dad, and it makes it super easy when he does the kind of stuff you'll read in this article.

Here are fourteen of the most awesome things have witnessed their fathers do.

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1/14. He defended my room against a bee's nest in the closet in only his underwear and brandishing two fly swatters. Didn't get stung.


2/14. My sister had a falling out with another girl at school. One night the girl and three dudes drove over to our house and starting throwing beer bottles at my sister's window.

My Dad came out of the house, walked up to their car and told them to go away. The three guys got out of the car and surrounded my Dad. My Dad told them, last chance to get in your car and leave. The three guys squared up on him and my Dad proceeded to beat all three of them into the dirt. They literally crawled back to their car.

Later that night, the dad of one of the kids my Dad whupped came over and challenged my Dad to a fight for what he did to his son. Big father, like son. He crawled back to his car too.

Oh yeah, he also won the Silver Star in Vietnam for saving two crew members from a burning helicopter, even though he was on fire too.

My Dad = awesome.


3/14. For 20 years he woke up every morning at 3:30 AM, so he could get to work by 6AM, so he could be home by 7PM, so that we could afford nice things.


4/14. My brother, cousins, and I were having a water fight in the back yard of our lake house. Water guns, water balloons, etc.

It was winding down, and my mom and aunt were moving in to clean up the mess from busted balloons. All of a sudden my dad comes streaking up from the dock with a huge bucket full of lake water.


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