Proud Teachers Reveal Their Student That Turned Out To Be Super Successful.

Proud Teachers Reveal Their Student That Turned Out To Be Super Successful.


As a teacher, you hope that your students will continue on to find success of their own one day.

Here, proud teachers share stories from their most successful students.

1. My high school Algebra teacher taught the guy who co-founded Instagram. Apparently he was the kind of student who walked in on a test day, said "oh, there's a test?", and then proceeded to ace the test.


2. My uncle was Steven King's English teacher in high school. My uncle tells a pretty funny story about him.

One teacher would get assigned to a lunch period and look after the students during lunch to make sure that nothing went down down. Well one day a huge food fight broke out, and some kid threw a half eaten apple at Steven King –hitting him right in the head. Steven King picked it up off the ground looked at it and then started eating it while reading a book.


3. I am a history teacher in Germany and I got a student who is Turkish. You have to know that there are a lot of prejudices against them. Just like that they tend to go to lower secondary schools. You have to know that in Germany the high school system is separated into three sorts. Gymnasium for the best, Realschule for the medium ones and Hauptschule. I teach at a Gymnasium and he is one of the most gentle, humble persons I have ever seen. He reads a lot and his classmates love him. He is so good that I and my colleagues often collect his exercise book just to adapt his written notes for our future lessons.

I mean the mixture of a gentleman and a whizkid is amazing. But the sad point was when I wanted to get to know his dad. Just to praise him how wonderful his son is. The classroom teacher told me that he is now under the care of the youth welfare service because he got abused by his family. I could not believe that why should a father beat such a wonderful kid. The answer was that the father just could not cope with his questions anymore and felt to be inferior than his son. It makes me so sad that he is now living far away from his parents and still manages to be a happy and wonderful person.

I would immediately adopt him. But it is quite hard to adopt a kid as a single person. Hopefully I can mentor and support him for the rest of his life.


4. I had a student who'd flunked algebra 6 times before he got to me. I offered him all the help he wanted and he took it -- showed up to office hours, asked for extra time, asked tons of questions. I think some people's brains just can't do algebra the way it's intended to be done, but he was able to memorize enough tricks and basic logic to pass with a D.

I ran into him years later working for the TSA. Glad I was able to help him get a college degree :) Out of all the students I had, many of whom were more intellectually gifted, he worked the hardest for it. That sort of perseverance and determination has got to have served him well.


5. Had a student my first year teaching, loved art, cranked out good work and soaked everything like a sponge. She was only a student my 1st year and never again, but was in my room everyday to learn as much as she could while in high school (story continued on the next page...).

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