Prying Parents Share The Worst Thing They Discovered About Their Child.

Prying Parents Share The Worst Thing They Discovered About Their Child.


Parents are always curious as to what their kids might be hiding from them, but too much prying can lead to them finding something out they're better off not knowing.

Below are stories of parents who went prying a little too hard, and found out a secret about their child they wish they hadn't!

1. I used to work for Nokia And Samsung doing mobile phone repairs and some of the stuff I've seen has blown my mind, one of my favourites was when a dad brought in his daughters Nokia windows phone and while holding it a text preview came up from a young man saying "God I can't wait to see your big boobs" The fathers reaction was priceless he just gritted his teeth let us do what we had to do and left, I can only imagine the bollocking she got when he got home.


2. So when I was a kid, my dad locked me out of most of the internet with parental controls. I got mad at him and installed a key logger onto our computer so I could steal his password and go into account settings and change my privileges. I got his password, along with a bunch of love letters he was writing to a woman he was cheating on my mom with.


3. As a prying child looking for confiscated videogames I discovered my mom hides my gameboy way better than she hides her strap-on.


4. That my then-14 year old stepdaughter had a thing for anime porn.

I mean, your Naruto and Pikachu thing. But dang - you're the daughter of two IT parents. Delete your browser history!


5. My 5-year-old daughter was riding in the back seat autobabbling away. Eventually she said, "Daddy, I don't think you know this, but when I was young, I used to pick up little bits of things off the floor and put them in my mouth."

"Really? What kind of things, sweetie?"

"Pieces of paper, fuzzies, things like that."

A thoughtful look crossed her face, like she was trying to make a really difficult decision that would determine her fate. Finally she settled on honesty and said: (Continued)

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