Prying Parents Share The Worst Thing They Discovered About Their Child.

Prying Parents Share The Worst Thing They Discovered About Their Child.


Finally she settled on honesty and said:

"...and I definitely ate a flower once."


6. We adopted one of our kids and he is biracial, while the rest of the family is white.

Back when he was in 2nd grade, I found a writing assignment that the kids had to do. They essentially had to write three things they would wish for if they had a genie. One of the things he wrote was "I wish I was white."

That really hit me hard. I thought we had done 'enough' to incorporate his racial/cultural background. It wasn't something we just ignored. It hurt to see that he didn't want to be who he was and that we had something to do with that. I hated that he felt that way and I hated that I found it.

In hindsight, however, I am glad I found it. It opened up the dialogue even more and our son reveled that he wanted to move somewhere where he wasn't one of the only black kids. We did end up moving to a much more diverse area a few years later and I love it here.

My son is now in middle school and is pretty comfortable talking about racial identity. As much as it hurt finding the paper, I think it was beneficial to get it out in the open.


7. My kids aren't quite old enough to ruin my view of their innocence yet, but when I was a kid my grandma found my rather hefty porn stash under the bathroom counter one day while cleaning. (had my own small bathroom at the time)

Got really embarrassed about it until I realized that she just straightened them out into a neat stack and never said a word about it to me to this day. Hell of an old lady.


8. Wasn't my child but I used to work in a phone shop and I was transferring this kids photos to his new phone. It was the first of that model I sold and little did I know it had a pre installed app that showed a 'gallery' on the second homepage after you swiped right, I was explaining how to use it and the default image the gallery function decided to select was a fully frontal nude photo of this poor kid's junk.


9. Not a parent, but when I was about 15 and in the process of fapping my mom came into my room without knocking, I was so shocked and at a loss for words, all I could say in reaction was: (Continued)

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