Prying Parents Share The Worst Thing They Discovered About Their Child.

Prying Parents Share The Worst Thing They Discovered About Their Child.


Stumbled onto my daughter and her friend putting on a and all. I had no idea what to do...


14. Not really the prying type... But grabbed my 9 year old daughter's tablet to show her how to get to her gmail inbox using her web browser.. Her email client was misbehaving.

There were like 7 open tabs of porn, and her web search history had a "boys peeing" search...

Shocked me and the wife, she's 9. That was when we decided it was time for a bit of anatomical and reproduction info...

Which, of course, fell to me. My wife was thoroughly incapable.


15. Golden shower vids on Pornhub in my 12 year old's browser history.


16. Not a prying parent, but a prying kid. My father had a porno on the DVR and thought I was too young to know how to work it. Surprise surprise, I found it and had a major moment when I found out what a vagina looked like. I always thought women had penises too and gave birth through their butts. Shocking to say the least.

My younger brother found it later on, had a panic attack so bad he fainted.


17. I was trying to take a picture on my nephew's phone and discovered he had a taste for intense hentai.


18. I'm not a prying parent, but I am a prying child. I discovered the kind of porn my mom is into by seeing what windows she had open in her phone's browser. She now knows what incognito mode is.


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